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What format is the on-board compact disc?

1., car CD format, MP3, wma, WAV and other formats. Determined by the decoding chip, the manufacturer will specify it in the instruction manual.
2.CD is a kind of document CD carrier, can write audio files in various formats, can play depends on the CD decoder chip and.
3.CD stands for small laser discs and is a general term for all CD media formats. Some CD formats on the market now include audio, CD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM, XA, photos, CD, CD-I and video, CD, and so on. In this variety of CD format, the most familiar one is perhaps the audio CD, it is for storing a voice signal track such as music and songs in standard CD format. Other abbreviations: English for crossdress, CD for short, semiconductor industry term “critical size” and so on. Represents the cadmium in the element symbol”. CD is also used in international brand abbreviations. CD has different roles in both the DOS command and the LINUX command. There are also many names related to CD.

How to burn a compact disc?

Now the notebook is popular, the vast number of notebook with a recorder, part of the desktop is also equipped with a recorder, some is DVD can not read the disk, a recorder need only a few simple steps you can burn our love music cd.
Tools / raw materials
Cool dog
Methods / steps
1, first of all, the computer should install Nero burn software and cool dog, QQ music and other music players.
Open the cool dog and search your favorite music. The same song in cool dog often has many versions of different singers, and find the version you like.
2, click on the right side of the download icon, select high-quality in the pop-up download dialog box, if you want to download lossless sound need to log in, and generally are not recording software support lossless format, format, so that the choice of high quality. Click here to download immediately.
3. After all the songs have been downloaded, click the “my download” icon on the left side to find the songs that have been downloaded. Click the right mouse button on any song and select “open the folder where the folder is located.””.
4, build a folder on the desktop, copy and paste the downloaded songs into the new folder.
5, open the Nero6 burning software, CD – Audio – Audio CD, it should be noted, “” is a generic CD Audio CD music CD, basically all can play the CD player can play, but can only burn within 80 minutes of the song, if recording songs to play more than 80 minutes of total time that need to select “MP3 CD-ROM production”, the premise is your car can play MP3 format CD-ROM, you can burn a try, MP3 CD can be a recording of more than 100 songs.
6, click the “add”, select the store to download a good song position in the “location” in the box, press the keyboard CTRL+A key to select the song, then click the “add”
7, click “done””.
8, click “next””. Put blank CD discs in the burner.
9, in the “write speed” there, click, select the speed of 24X, too fast, may crash the disc, it is recommended 24X speed burn. Click burn”. Wait until the burner is finished.

What brand is good?

CD has now become a very popular data carrier, a thin disk can store hundreds of MB or even a few GB data, it can be called “massive” ah. The types of CD, VCD disk, CD-ROM, CD-R, CDRW, DVD, MO etc.. Well, what brand is good? What brand of burning disk is good? Which areas of the CD brand are distributed most? Where is the CD produced better? What are some of the brand names such as big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to CD market gives consumers provide truthful and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, CD ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

CD-ROM, what brand, good CD-ROM, ten big list

Ten major brands of optical disk list, burn CD – CD brand, burn CD which brand good [2017]?

1. Ritek Ritek

Founded in 1988 in Taiwan, is committed to CD-ROM data storage research and development / production / sale of modern large enterprises, CD-ROM ten major brands, Kunshan, Shanghai and rhenium Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

2.Verbatim Verbatim

Founded in 1969, the United States, the global data storage industry well-known brands, renowned international record storage media manufacturers, CD-ROM ten brands, Verbatim International Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Started in 1946, Japan, Japan’s representative enterprise, world electronics 3C/ game / financial / entertainment giant, portable digital products pioneer, Sony Corp

4. violet Unis

Began in 1988, IT services as the core business, modern information systems research and development / construction / operation / maintenance in one of the whole industry chain service provider, violet Limited by Share Ltd


Began in 1891 in Holland, a world-renowned multinational electronic brand, focusing on health care / quality of life and lighting in the field of large electronics companies, Royal Holland PHILPS company

6. woodpecker

Founded in 1989, the high-tech enterprises directly under the China Academy of Sciences, the most influential brand of CD, high-tech enterprise, Beijing Daheng Innovation Technology Co. Ltd.

7.Maxell Mike Purcell

Founded in 1960 in Japan, Hitachi group, the world’s leading manufacturer of miniature battery, global high-tech audio-visual media / data / energy industry well-known enterprises, Mike Purcell (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

8. Newman Newsmy

Began in 1996, Beijing famous trademarks, set digital products / car DVD navigation / mobile storage / automotive electronics business as one of the high-tech enterprises, Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

9. Deli DELI

Founded in 1988, China’s largest integrated stationery suppliers, office stationery industry leading brands, more influential cultural office brand, deli Group Limited

10. Print-Rite PrintRite

Began in 1995, Guangdong province famous brand products, is committed to printing consumables and office supplies distribution field, printing consumables industry standards related drafting units, Zhuhai Print-Rite pan Ling Trading Co., Ltd.

The list of above data is automatically generated by dozens of data statistics calculation systems, and the sorting is not only in order, but only for your reference. My favorite brand voting

How do you burn six key elements of VCD CD, CD burning and ten techniques?

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